GUR.MEN Premium Garlic vinegar 5%

GUR.MEN Premium Garlic vinegar 5%

500 ml

Natural fermented flavored vinegar with a favorable combination of minerals, organic matter and acetic acid. This special vinegar is made under traditional method of natural fermentation in combination with garlic extract, which gives it a distinctive taste and smell. The high content of potassium, calcium, phosphorus and trace elements generally regulates biological processes in the human body.

– Exclusively from selected Slovak raw materials without the use of additives

– Distinctive flavor thanks to natural maceration

– Longer maturation time ensures smoothness and maturity of sensory properties

Added macerate is produced by infusing garlic in vinegar

High antioxidant vitamin capacity

– Awarding the Gold Medal SLOVAK GOLD 2003

– SK 2008 QUALITY MARK assigned

– Traditional production from the Tatra Mountains

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