GUR.MEN Premium Tarragon vinegar 5%

GUR.MEN Premium Tarragon vinegar 5%

500 ml

Vinegar produced by genuine fermentation process and flavored with natural tarragon macerate with distinctive flavor and aroma. Tarragon helps to eliminate pain, improve digestion, sleep problems, or cleanse the body. At the same time, this vinegar is an essential part of any modern kitchen, as a few drops are enough to make the food unmistakable.

– Exclusively from selected Slovak raw materials without the use of additives

– Distinctive flavor thanks to natural maceration

– Longer maturation time ensures smoothness and maturity of sensory properties

– It encourages appetite and contributes to good sleep

– Contains vitamins A and C, minerals with a positive effect to the body

– Contributes to lowering blood pressure

– Awarding the Gold Medal SLOVAK GOLD 2003

– SK 2008 QUALITY MARK assigned

– Traditional production from the Tatra Mountains

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